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Francesca Grosso- Visual artist, painter, illustrator, flutist and teacher.

Creator of the Artistic-Social Calligram. Graduated with full marks in Transverse Flute at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome and perfected in musical studies, she graduated in Performing Arts and Sciences at La Sapienza University, with a thesis in Ethnomusicology dedicated to the sound landscape of the city of Rome, graphically elaborating informal scores and treating the sounds / noises of the city like a symphony orchestra. Always looking for a form of artistic language that knows how to implement the still unexpressed potential of communication, he studies and experiments, in visual art as well as in musical activity and teaching, forms of synesthetic union. The preferred techniques are nibs and ink for writing works, watercolor and oil for pictorial creations, as well as experimentation with digital tools in video-art. Only since 2017 has he decided to show his works in public by opening dissemination channels on social media. The same year his work entitledThe Bad Road wins the Fabrizio De André Award for painting. Between 2018 and 2019 he dedicated himself to collecting interviews for the projectThe voice of the 2000s. _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_The projects  are bornTwo Thousand Voices  which will be part of the series Voices from the Quarantine e the performances in the MAXXI garden forPenelope's Screamdedicated to the voice of women against gender violence on the occasion of the Bambuse cultural review organized by UVA and FemaleCut Italia.


Since 2020 she has been collaborating as an illustrator with the communication agency UVA. Takes part with the operaGet me wrongto the Wow Space project organized by the 100% contemporary artistic collective. The portrait of words created in support of the campaign for the liberation of Patrick Zaki, organized and promoted by the InOltre Alternativa Progressista Association, is exhibited in the main institutional offices and squares in Italy. The portraits of words dedicated to Peppino and Felicia Impastato can be found in the museum - Casa Memoria in Cinisi. In 2021 he collaborated with the People pub publishing house. The new series is bornTwo Thousand Voices on LoveAndComputer sense phrases. He presents his first work in NFT in March 2021. He is currently working on his first illustrated story.  

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